Unique Branded Sales Collateral

We’ve recently added a new department handling Branded Sales Collateral!

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Our company initially began sourcing the best STEAM activities for children that the market offered and over time we began performing classes for schools and conducting corporate events for companies that wanted to attract children and families.

We’ve done some events for some really great companies like BMW’s new car launches, private school openings, and Tencent publicity events (you may recognize Tencent’s QQ penguin in the pictures), but we just were not happy with the sales collateral (the customized gifts given away at events) available on the market.  We didn’t feel the quality, nor the creativity, was really up to the high standards of the companies we were working with.

We really wanted our corporate customers to have products that engaged and inspired their customers with gifts that they had never seen before, thought were awesome and would actually use on a regular basis.

We ended up marring our experience engaging kids with super-cool STEAM activities with our experience sourcing materials in China to create branded gifts that really do intrigue and inspire our customers’ clients.

We thought this line of business would end up being just a support function, but as it grew over time we found it being very successful in its own right.  At this point, we’ve decided to staff this line of business and offer it as a stand-alone service.

Every product that we design is totally unique for the customer and has a WOW factor to inspire their clients to actually keep and use the product.  Lots of companies give away free umbrellas, and how could you make something like that cool?  We added a projector, so when you open it – it’s projects the company logo on the ground – that’s how!

If you’d like to explore what we could do to help your company stand out from the crowd, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us, I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised that it really doesn’t cost any more to have awesome giveaways when you’re creative.

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