Birthday Parties

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Want your child to have the most memorable Birthday Party possible?

– We’ve got you covered!

We’re not talking about Star Wars themed plates here!  We’re talking about Darth Vader himself barging in while the kids are eating their cake, flanked by Storm Troopers amid a mass of smoke while dramatic music is played – only to be driven out by a Jedi, saving the party!

Our Turn-Key parties are both exciting and educational!  They can include the standard fare of clowns making balloon animals, cotton candy machine, magician, etc… but also include super-cool STEAM activities for the kids!  These STEAM activities are so exciting and engaging, that the kids don’t even realize that they’re learning!

Your child’s friends will never forget the party where they got to bring a REAL dinosaur tooth home, the one where Spiderman decended from the ceiling almost making them drop their cake, or the party where they were standing inside a giant bubble!

We take care of everything, designing the invitations, booking the venue, providing the food & drinks, arranging and choreographing the activities – all you need to do is tell us the budget & theme and then show up with the guest of honor!

These parties truly amaze children (and their parents) and provide lifelong memories!

If you’s like a proposal for a special day for your little price or princess, please don’t hesitate to contact us!