Make your school’s summer camp unique and fun by adding STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) activities!

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These are not simple arts & crafts, but marrying science with art in an amazing way that your students have never seen before.  Our STEAM activities fill your curriculum with content that inspires children to learn more while opening their minds to the wonders of the world.

We provide turn-key solutions where we design classes specifically for your organization, provide all the materials needed, and even send our teachers to conduct the classes if needed.

We create kits called STEAM Boxes so that each student gets an individual kit with all the materials they need to complete the activity, class documentation, and even videos for your teachers to review if they want to conduct the classes on their own.  If needed, we can even send our teachers onsite to train yours!

The main challenge in teaching, is not reciting enough facts to children – it’s inspiring them, so that they’re engaged and retain what they’ve been taught.  What they enjoy learning, they will never forget!  All of our classes are specifically designed to engage and inspire – they all include ‘trophies’ that children bring home and show-off to their friends.

What better way to grab a child’s attention when learning Paleontology than for them to find a REAL dinosaur tooth that they can bring home?  Or what better way to teach them about volcanoes than by letting them smash open a REAL geode to find the treasure within?  All of our Earth Science classes contain REAL specimens that the kids get to keep!

Specimens that kids think are cool and become a keepsake that they cherish is a unique and important part of our activities.  What better way for a child to retain what they’ve learned than to be proud to show off their Dinosaur Tooth and teach their friends what they had learned about Dinosaurs in the class?

Engineering is another subject that can either send children to sleep, or get them super excited – the difference is only how it’s presented to them.  Engineering can’t get much more inspiring than building REAL, functional Automata and marrying Engineering to Art, just like Leonardo da Vinci did!

STEM is great for children, it teaches them valuable Science, Technology, Engineering & Math skills that will serve them well for their entire lives.  However, adding Art changes STEM to STEAM and teaches kids how to apply those valuable tools in eloquent ways.  Knowing how to design a semiconductor is great, and valuable, but having the inspiration to turn that into the first Smartphone is priceless and that’s exactly what our Unique Art classes are designed to inspire!

There are enough wonders in the world to keep us inspired for a lifetime when we’re open to seeing them.  Even something a simple as Play Modeling Dough can help children develop their creativity when it’s presented in a cool and unique fashion.

You can provide super-cool engaging content in your camp that amazes your students (and their parents) with things they never even dreamed possible!

We conduct camps over the summer, but also during holiday breaks, if you’d like to discuss the possibility of working with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us!