STEAM Box Classes Have Begun!

Since having our STEAM Box activities approved for sale to Shanghai public schools and other Educational Bureau licensed schools, as well as government funded community centers, we’ve been busy designing dozens of new activities to fill-out the activity schedules of various schools.

Our first activity to ship was the Floral Portrait art activity to celebrate the Year of the Rooster, and we were totally thrilled to see the first pictures of the classes getting uploaded to social media.

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Our STEAM Box activities were designed by teachers, for teachers, so they’re super inspiring, and also super easy for schools to use.  STEAM Boxes are individual boxes prepared for each student and contain all the materials needed to create their project. They’re totally ‘turn-key’ so teachers can focus on the important work of creating an environment that fosters learning rather than designing activities and procuring materials.

We provide training materials for the teachers that include step by step instructions, samples of the finished products, and even onsite training if needed (Shanghai, Jiangsu & Zhejiang).

STEAM Boxes lead students through familiar, but cool, crafts similar to what they would have experienced in an other classes – However, there’s always a twist….

As the activities progress, the projects that they’ve created along the way get combined in creative an unexpected ways.  The activities are specifically designed to let the students discover, on their own, that the marriage of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) with Art creates magical results.

This opens students’ minds to a different way of thinking and better rounds out their education… it teaches them not just the technical aspects of STEM, but also the eloquent application of STEM principals through Art.

Choose from the dozens of activity boxes that we’ve already designed, or we’d also be happy to design a brand new custom activity just for your school.  There’s a STEAM Box for every occasion or budget, from Holiday themes that are heavy on Art to in-depth Science with REAL fossils included or Engineering inspired by Leonardo da Vinci.

We don’t want to prepare children to face a cruel and unforgiving world, we want to give them the weapons that they’ll need to make the world a little less cruel and a little more forgiving!

Just like all of our kid-safe products, our STEAM Boxes are available within mainland China, or can also be exported worldwide.

If you’d like to explore the possibility of adding STEAM Boxes to your school’s curriculum or after-school program, our passion is contagious, so please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

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