School STEAM Box Activities

We’re very happy to begin offering schools custom DIY STEAM Activity Boxes!

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) is a great way to inspire kids to want to learn and also to open their minds to see how really cool the world can be, but…

Add Art into the mix to turn STEM into STEAM and things get really interesting!  STEM is technical skills that everyone can benefit from honing, but combining those skills with Art teaches kids how to apply those skills in eloquent and innovative ways.

We’ve designed customized DIY STEAM Boxes that fit into any curriculum, whether at Public Schools, Private Schools, and even After-School Classes.

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We have designed these STEAM Activity Boxes especially for schools.  The boxes are themed by either current holidays or specific subjects being taught and each student gets one box as a kit with all the materials needed for the activity.

We provide training materials for the teachers that includes step by step instructions, sample of the finished products, and even onsite training if needed (Shanghai, Jiangsu & Zhejiang).

These boxes are designed around the budget of the school and can include one, or multiple activities in a single kit.  Kits often include our super-cool STEM products combined with unique art projects that kids get excited about and can be made larger or smaller as needed.

You can choose from the dozens of activity boxes that have already been designed, or we’d also be happy to design a new custom activity just for your school.  These STEAM Box Activities can be a  single activity that you have planned or we also supply a number of schools with weekly and monthly activities whose themes change with the time of year or subject being taught.

Just like any of our kid-safe products, these STEAM Boxes are available within mainland China, or can also be exported worldwide.

If you interested in spicing up your curriculum, or would like to do an activity to attract new students, we’d love to work with you – so please don’t hesitate to contact us!





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