Re-Tweet Tuesday FAQs

What is it?

Every Tuesday, @Imported_Fun Re-tweets inspirational messages containing the Hashtag #InspireThemRetweetTuesday.  There is no cost of any kind and the only goal is to infect the whole planet with good vibes and inspiration.  There is enough division and discourse in the world already, so we want to try to counteract as much of it as we can.



What’s the big deal about that?

We’ll, @Imported_Fun has a large Twitter account with approximately 180,000 followers located in 230 different countries (Cripes, the UN only has 192 countries!) so your tweets get a really lot of exposure. Although the followers circumnavigate the globe so the sun will never set on your re-tweets, the largest concentration of followers are in the US and Europe with every US state and European country covered.

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percentage of followers by geographic region

Is it popular?

We think so… In 6 months, we re-tweeted 171,643 tweets from 28,346 different Twitter accounts that all used the Hashtag.  Those tweets were seen by more than 85 Million different people and generated more than 3 Billion impressions.

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Actual use of #InspireThemRetweetTuesday by geographic region

Can your re-tweets make my account more popular?

Ummm… Yeah.

That’s really the whole point now isn’t it.  More people seeing your tweet means that you have the opportunity to impress more people who then follow you and re-tweet you even more.

If you track your ‘Social Influence’ using sites like Klout, Kred, or Moz, you’ll notice your influence increasing with each re-tweet. Klout and Moz don’t release their secret formulas, but on Kred you receive 50 influence points for each re-tweet made by Imported_Fun. Your social influence may not be front-and-center, but it affects the reach of all your tweets and even whether your Twitter account becomes verified or not.

When is it?

Every Tuesday, all day.

But… Actually in this global world, Tuesday is kind of fluid.  We start re-tweeting at 12:00 a.m. (00:00) China time (UTC +8) and end 11:59 p.m. (23:59) US West-coast time (UTC -7), so our Tuesday isn’t 24 hours long like everyone else’s, ours last about 40 hours!


What! I can only tweet on Tuesdays?

No… we didn’t say that.

You can Tweet using the hashtag whenever you want.  We collect all the tweets using the hashtag every day of the week.  You’ll know we captured your tweet in our queue when we favorite it.  We just don’t start re-tweeting them until Tuesday.


But I already use other Hashtags to get automatically re-tweeted?

So…? we don’t mind sharing.

Just add #InspireThemRetweetTuesday along with whatever other hashtags you use to the same tweet – no problem, we’ll still see it and re-tweet it for you.


So, I can tweet whatever I want and you’ll re-tweet it?

No… This is for Inspirational quotes only and there are some rules that need to be followed:

  1. No porn, spam or advertisements.  Yeah, your product might be great, green, help children, etc… but this really isn’t the forum for advertising. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to advertise your product or service to the new followers you gain, you don’t need to do it here.
  2. No political messages.  We’re apolitical here and while we may even personally agree with your political viewpoint, our goal is to bring people together rather than segregate them into competing groups.
  3. No duplicates messages.  Please don’t post the same thing over and over again.  We re-tweet at a rate of about 1 per minute and no one wants to see the same message in their feed over and over again every minute.
  4. No links to outside of Twitter.  The reason for this is that we have to hit the re-tweet button a really, really lot of times on Tuesday and we just don’t have time to go visit every YouTube, Spotify, Website, etc… link to make sure it’s not spam, porn, etc… Some exceptions are made however if you have a gofundme page or something for a worthy cause and you send us a DM ahead of time so we can check it out (not on Tuesday though!)

Tuesdays are really busy for us, so please don’t make our life difficult by mixing in advertisements with legitimate messages.  It’s really hectic for us to filter out all the inappropriate tweets as quickly as they come in, if you violate the above rules more than a couple times, we’ll omit you from the search string we use.


Do the tweets have to be in English?

No, we use the translate button on the text of the tweets to make sure they’re not inappropriate.  We’ll give you the benefit of the doubt on the text included on any pictures, but if we catch you playing any tricks to sneak through inappropriate messages, we’ll put you on the blacklist.


So, I can tweet as much as I want and you’ll re-tweet all of them?

Ummm… Yeah, pretty much.

Twitters limits are 100 per hour and we re-tweet at about 60 per hour to leave room for our own tweets, us to reply to people, etc…


Are quote tweets and replies to giant lists of people okay?

Right now, yes.

If we start getting close to 4,000 tweets within the 40 hours, we’ll stop re-tweeting these first.


You never run out of capacity?

So far we’ve stayed under 4,000 tweets in 40 hours, so we’ve been able to get everything re-tweeted while it was still Tuesday somewhere.  We have gotten really close some weeks though, and if we start going over the limit, we’ll start prioritizing some tweets over others to the degree needed to stay under the limit:

  • Prioritize people who re-tweet the hashtag themselves rather than just get their tweets re-tweeted.
  • Prioritize people who actively promote other people to use the hashtag.
  • Prioritize native tweets over ‘Quote Tweets’ and Replies to lists of people.
  • Prioritize tweets with pictures, gifs and videos attached over tweets that are all text.
  • Prioritize tweets that already have 1 or two re-tweets of their own.


Hey, you favorited my tweet but didn’t re-tweet it – What’s going on?

Don’t worry, we’ll re-tweet it…

If we favorited your tweet that means we saw it and added it to the queue to be re-tweeted later.

We can only re-tweet at a rate of 1 per minute and quite frequently new tweets come in quicker than that.  When there is a surplus of tweets to be re-tweeted, they get added to a queue that tweets them when there is capacity available.

This queue is the same queue that any tweets found during the week (non-Tuesday) get added to.  The tweets are re-tweeted in random order (it’s really better for you that all your tweets don’t come out at the same time and are instead spread over the whole 40 hours) there’s usually 500-1,000 in the queue when Tuesday begins, so it can be quite a long time before a particular tweet gets re-tweeted.  However, it is also possible that a particular tweet gets re-tweeted within minutes of you tweeting it.  Like most things in life, it’s a crap shoot.

Every 5 minutes we search twitter and if we find 5 tweets we post them.  If we find more than 5 tweets the excess will go to the queue, and if we find less than 5 tweets we’ll make up the difference by posting from the queue.

If you tweet more than 3 or 4 in rapid succession, you’re almost guaranteed that some will go into the queue.


Hey, you didn’t favorite my tweet and you didn’t re-tweet it either – What’s going on?

Okay, this is kind of complicated, but if you have the stamina we can figure out what’s going on!  We miss very few tweets, usually none but sometimes 1 or 2 per week.  Almost always, this issue is because your account is being filtered by twitter.  These are the most common reasons:

You’ve been Shadow-banned by Twitter.  If you’re not familiar with being shadow banned, what it means is that although everything appears normal to you, in actuality Twitter is filtering your tweets so most people can’t see them. So, when I search I see everyone’s tweets except yours.

Your followers can see your tweets in their timelines or if someone visits your profile, but none of them appear in search results and non-followers can’t see them.  When you reply to other people’s tweets, your reply is only visible to your followers, so no one new ever interacts with your message.  Oftentimes even if you follow someone new, they are not not notified so they never follow you back.

Other than noticing a reduction in re-tweets, favorites, and new followers, it’s really hard to tell if this is happening to you. Help is on the way though, if you think you’ve been shadow-banned, you can now check if you are with this shadow-ban tester!

Why does Twitter do this? No one really knows, they have some secret algorithm that causes this. Maybe you followed too many people, maybe re-tweeted too much, or not enough, maybe you re-tweeted or favorited something twitter classified as offensive, maybe you blocked too many people or too many people blocked you (see below) – who knows.  Shadow-bans usually last between a few days and a few weeks and I know of no way of expediting the process.

You blocked me.  If you block me, than obviously I can’t see your tweets.  Now, you may have blocked me without even knowing you have… how is that possible?

Well, there is a 3rd party program called Block Together where users can share their block lists.  For example, if you share my block list then every time I block someone, then your account will automatically block them as well (without you knowing).

Unfortunately, this application was maliciously used by a couple of bad actors.  They created a large number of accounts each with a different topic (block liberals, block conservatives, block Nazis, block communists, etc…) and recruited accounts to follow their block lists.

However, it was a scam where these accounts shared their lists with each other.  Meaning that anyone who followed any of their lists ended up blocking everyone from all of their lists.  This means if you’re a liberal and joined the Block Conservatives list, that you blocked both liberals and conservatives.  These block lists don’t affect people you’ve previously followed, but for people you haven’t yet followed makes them appear as if they don’t exist.

What these accounts would do is use a script to get lists of everyone who favorited or re-tweeted a particular hashtag or account, then block everyone, which in turn caused everyone who shared any of their lists to block them as well.  If anyone of those people had shared their list with anyone else, then the amount of people blocking the account would grow exponentially.  This one account @ChiefCovfefe has more than 600,000 people on his one block list.

In essence what they would do is have one account that wouldn’t block Donald Trump, but would block every single account that re-tweeted him or favorited one of his tweets.  Then they would have another account do the same exact thing to Hillary Clinton.  Once they shared their two lists with each other in the Block Together app, it would pretty much block most of the US twitter accounts for them, and every single person who shared lists with them or their proxy accounts.  It would essentially make Twitter look like it only had messages from people you previously followed and the relatively small amount of people who never interacted with any tweets from either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

In addition, there was an exploit found where this Block Together application was used to steal Twitter’s oauth tokens, which is why you’ve been seeing so many spam DM promoting Instagram lately.  You can see some info on it here.

I strongly suggest anyone using Block Together to check how many people their account is currently blocking, unblock them, revoke the permissions for the app in Twitter, and change your password.  I block zero accounts and have only two muted – I strongly suggest that you mute accounts rather than block them.

Your tweet was already a re-tweet.  A lot of people re-tweet the tweets that use this hashtag, so to avoid re-tweeting the same tweets over and over again, we filter our search to remove re-tweets (not quote tweets) and tweets including ‘RT”.

Your tweets are set to private.  It really doesn’t jive to both have private tweets and at the same time want your tweets re-tweeted.  If we don’t follow each other I won’t see your tweet and if we do follow each other I’ll see it but most of my followers won’t after I re-tweet it.  If you have your account set to private, you should think about whether or not you want re-tweets.

Check the time.  We do all of this manually and we’re located in China.  If it’s the middle of the night China time, please relax until we wake up.  First thing when we get into the office, we’ll go through all the tweets, don’t worry.

Maybe we really missed it.  We do occasionally miss one or two of the tweets, if this is  the case, just send us a DM with a link to the tweet and we’ll add it to the queue.  If it’s really hectic re-tweeting all the tweets and we can’t read all the DM’s (with 180k followers, we get a really lot of DM’s), we’re really sorry and will add it to the queue the following Tuesday.


Why only on Tuesdays, why not every day?

C’mon, this is really a lot of work, we need to sleep sometimes!


What do you get out of this?

Nothing really, other than the satisfaction of being of value to people and seeing positive vibes reverberate around the globe.  Actually, it hurts our account quite a bit, on Tuesdays our impressions drop from around 250k to 30k because our followers are seeing your tweets rather than ours.  Our follower count also decreases on Tuesdays, there are a fair amount of people who don’t like seeing 4,000 tweets in their timeline in 40 hours, so some unfollow our account.

But, the followers that stay with us, like you using , are the right followers, and the kind of followers we want.


If you read this far, you’re definitely serious about joining our worldwide inspiration movement!  We’re excited to start seeing your tweets come through and add to the positive impact we’re trying to have on the world!

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