Our Secret to Posting Worldwide in All Time-Zones

We get asked so many times how we’re able to manage so many social media accounts, in so many time-zones, that I figured I’d write a post to tell everyone our secret!

We have a total of 17 social media accounts (yes, 17) in both English and Chinese languages, plus we do business in every time-zone on the planet. How could it be possible to post on everything from Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn and Sina Weibo on a regular basis to keep our followers engaged, especially our followers in the United States who are active while we’re all sleeping here in China?

The answer is simple….  We use a web-based Freemium application called Social Jukebox, and quite frankly, we couldn’t live without it!

The gist of Social Jukebox is that you create ‘Jukeboxes’ of content that is posted to your various social media accounts on a schedule that you define.  For example, you can create 300 posts all at once, then have them post to your Twitter account once every 3 hours, your Facebook account every 6 hours, and your LinkedIn account once a day.


STEAM Posting

Now, not all content is suitable for all platforms, which is what’s great about Social Jukebox.  You can create a Jukebox for Twitter and a different one for Facebook and when there is some content that suitable for both platforms, you can put a copy in both Jukeboxes – all with links, pictures, or GIF files.

There are really three things that are super-cool about Social Jukebox:

  • Nothing to install, it’s all web-based and it posts to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, including company pages and groups – even multiple accounts of each.
  • You can have multiple Jukeboxes, all with different schedules, and even set a schedule to re-post evergreen content after x number of days which gets mixed in with new content.
  • Comes with a Chrome Extension to make Re-Tweeting easier – see a Tweet you like, click the Social Jukebox logo, and add it to a Jukebox without ever opening the application.

We use Social Jukebox in conjunction with a free service called If This Then That which is a totally free website that will re-post content from one platform to other platforms.  For example, we set up a ‘Recipe’ on IFTTT that when we use the hashtag #zh on one of our Tweets (indicating Chinese language), it will automatically re-post that Tweet on our Weibo account.

Social Jukebox is a Freemium application, meaning that you get limited functionality for free.  The free account allows you to create 300 records and post 5 times per day on Twitter, once to Facebook, and once to LinkedIn.  If you want to post more (like we do), you’ll need a paid account.  To give Social Jukebox a try for free, follow this link:


We’ve found that content we create for Twitter really isn’t suitable for platforms like Instagram or Pinterest, but content we create on those platforms (like candid photos of us at work on Instagram) is suitable for Twitter and Weibo – So again, we just created some recipes on IFTTT that will automatically re-post our Instagram photos and Pinterest Pins on our Twitter and Weibo accounts.

With strategic use of hashtags and recipes, it’s pretty easy to create an effective social media web to share suitable content across platforms to augment the content that you created specifically for that specific platform.

The only platform that we haven’t found a way to share content with, is our WeChat Business Account. If you know of a way, drop everything you’re doing, and send us a message right away!  Seriously, right now!

When I get some time, I’ll write a post answering another question we get quite often…. How is it that we’re able to do so much work on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube when those platforms are blocked by the Great Firewall of China?

Stay tuned…

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