Hiring 3-5 Foreign Teachers / Assistants in Shanghai

We have a large number of schools around Shanghai have contracted with us to perform our STEAM Box activities at their summer camps.  Some of the schools use their own teachers, however others ask that we provide our teachers.  Our STEAM Box activities have become very popular, so we’re looking to hire 3-5 Native English Speakers (North American, European, Australian) to assist our bi-lingual teachers conduct the classes.

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No experience necessary, we’ll teach you everything you need to know.  However, if you do have teaching experience, including ESL, that’s even better!

You’ll literally be getting paid to play with kids – and having a ton of fun doing it!  You’ll be assisting Children during hands-on STEM activities and helping them with DIY art activities that the kids really think are awesome. These are unique activities specifically engineered to amaze and inspire the kids, so if you like seeing kids have fun, you’ll love this job!

The schools are located all around Shanghai (just about every district) and the timing of the summer camp classes vary.  Some are mornings only, some afternoons, and yet others all day.  Some of the schools are down-town near our office which makes for an easy commute, while two of them are week-long assignments on scenic Chongming Island with transportation, meals and accommodations provided.

You won’t be alone during these ‘in-classroom’ activities, one of our bi-lingual teachers will be running the classes but these are International Schools, so they’d like a foreign assistant to participate. This is a link to the week-long camp on Chongming island, but all of the camps will be of similar style and quality.

We’re expanding like crazy and have dozens of new products being launched through the end of the calendar year, and we’re signing us more schools for summer camps, so we’d really like this to be a recurring relationship.  Either part-time, or as a full-time employee, depending on your availability.

If you think you may be interested in having a ton of fun with us this summer (and beyond) please send an e-mail to Cindy@ImportedFun.com with a short introduction of yourself.

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