Hands-on Classes

Documented Classes and Hands-on Activities

Kids love STEAM and their parents love when their kids learn! Holding a REAL dinosaur tooth in their hand is an amazing experience for a child, but what’s amazing for the child’s parents is seeing their kids actually love learning.  Laughing, being amazed, and leaving knowing how a volcano works, what can be learned from the little bugs trapped in Amber, how gemstones are formed….

Parents see how much fun their kids are having that you need to be stern with them and keep reminding them to stop playing with the specimens – they’re for the kids!

Kids leave the Activities with trophies of their experience like REAL Fossils, Shark Teeth, Amber, Obsidian Arrowheads, etc… which become keepsakes for the child to show their friends and impress their parents when they teach others the facts that they learned in the class.

Hand-on STEAM is much more fun and memorable for a child than sitting with their hands folded listen to a lecture. It’s like going to the zoo versus a safari through the savanna!

STEAM products are great, but what’s even greater is STEAM activities, and we provide turn-key solutions!

  • Inspire your students with super-cool STEAM activities like they never dreamed possible!  Show your students’ parents that your school can provide an education that their kids love and opens their minds with our After-School STEAM Classes. We send our teachers, provide all the materials, and conduct all the classes – all you need to provide are the kids!
  • Want to add inspiring STEAM to your school’s curriculum but don’t know where to begin?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our STEAM Class Documentation. We supply written classes for your teachers to use and all the materials needed to conduct hands-on classes. Our teachers will provide training to yours, videos, and we’ll even design custom themed classes just for you if needed!
  • Do you have a business that targets children or families?  We’ve provided numerous STEAM Activities for business in, and, around Shanghai.  From automotive companies like BMW, to investment companies, and even malls that wanted to attract families.  When fossils start getting dug out of kinetic sand, the children magically appear from all over the city!  Our activities are so successful, we literally need to fence them in to control the number of people for safety!


Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details, we’d love to help you!


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