Free Game is the Key to Social Media Success

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true.  Playing a free game really is very powerful in growing your social media accounts in a meaningful way, but it’s no point & shoot, zombie killing  game…

It’s Empire Avenue where the major social media influencers hang-out!

Shanghai STEM STEAM Game
Virtual ‘play’ stock market for social media accounts

Empire Avenue is a ‘pretend’ stock market and uses an in-game currency called ‘eaves’, but you don’t invest in companies, you invest in other social media accounts!

Sign-up with a Twitter or Facebook account, and you’re ready to start investing in other players’ social media accounts and other players investing in you.  Be warned though, it’s very addictive!

Your ‘stock’ price increases when you perform certain in-game tasks such as uploading a profile photo, for every social media account you connect, for hitting milestones in the game like owning x number of shares, and most importantly from other players buying your shares.

Shanghai STEM STEAM Stock
Buy and Sell Virtual Stock in Major Social Media Influencers

As players buy your shares, you get the ‘eaves’ needed to buy shares other players, as well as other in-game virtual goods like badges to show your interests.  You connect your various social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Fickr, Youtube, etc… and Empire Avenue counts every post you make, every like you get, re-tweet, mention, etc… Each one increases the daily ‘dividend’ that gets paid to everyone owning your shares.

Shanghai STEM STEAM Social Media
Shareholders get paid Dividends based on your Social Media activity

Find yourself short on eaves to buy shares in other players?  Not a problem!  Empire avenue offers ‘Missions’ for you to complete and get large amounts of eaves very quickly. Most of the missions are a single click that will send you to a player’s tweet, Facebook post, or just give you some complimentary shares in themselves.

Shanghai STEM STEAM Mission
Get some free shares in me with just one click!

So, how is this the key to Social Media Success, you ask?  We’ll it’s really pretty simple…

There are no bots on Empire Avenue (don’t tell them I searched for one), so these are all real people, with real social media influence, interacting with you completely free of automation.  You can immediately see from their dividend how active and popular they are on various social media platforms.  There is a comradery that gets built up between the players, you’re all working together for the same goal after all – becoming ga-jillionaires!

If you have a special tweet that you want to promote, create a mission that sends people to that tweet – a couple of re-tweets from these major accounts has a huge effect.  If you need Google+ followers, create a mission that send people to your profile – these are the folks who dominate the platform.

Empire Avenue has a ‘Please & Thank-you’ etiquette of politeness that results in real friendships being born over the in-game messaging.  This is not buying zombie followers from a direct message you received on Twitter, this is real interaction and reciprocity with real social media influencers.

It may be a total coincidence, but I also noticed my Klout score increase a few points on the same day my moniker of a ‘New Player’ disappeared after having an account for 2 weeks!  Could it be these major social media accounts following me?  Maybe.

Empire Avenue is totally free, but does offer in-game purchases for those impatient people who want to buy millions of eaves right away rather than do missions, or run more than 2 missions at the same time, but it’s really not needed for casual players.

If you’d like to give Empire Avenue a try, just click on my ‘one-click’ missions to get some complimentary shares in me – I’ll reciprocate by buying some of your shares!  😉

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