Make Edible Masterpieces

Every kid plays with Play-Dough, and every parent wonders what exactly it is made of – Well worry no more!

Yummy Dough is a vibrantly colored play-dough that is completely edible both raw and also if baked to make a lasting statue.  Tested as a food product in Germany, these kits have the same classification as cake mix and are approved for sale as food in Europe and the US – So there’s no worry about what the ‘little ones’ are putting in their mouth!

Nothing to add except water, it’s edible both raw, or can be baked into delicious cookies. Kits come with 4 vibrant colors that can be mixed together to make every shade of the rainbow!

The kits weigh 452g (a full pound), so make sure Mom & Dad have plenty room in their stomachs for these tasty treats!  All the kits come with the forming tools necessary to make amazing masterpieces, as well as a reusable bucket to store them in!

Why make dull colored little statues that end up in the trash, when you can make vibrantly colored delicious ones that end up in your tummy!


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Kids Party Baking Fun

This kit comes with all the forming tools necessary for kids to make the most amazing cakes & pastries, as well as to serve them to Mom & Dad!


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Super Sonic Cookie Factory

Children can create fun animal cookies with a rolling pin and various cookie cutters and stamps to create their own little zoo.


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Funny Yummy Kids Kitchen

Kids can create fun foods like burgers, pizza and french-fries, as well as serve them up to Mom and Dad with all the plates & utensils needed!


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Yummy Dough Refills

This kit comes with the same wonderful colored dough as the larger kits, so it’s perfect for use as a re-fill when you run out of dough. This kit does come with some limited tools, so it’s also good for free-form play!

Remember that the “A” in STEAM stands for Art. While Science, Technology, Engineering & Math are important tools in a child’s toolbox, Art is the best way to teach them how to apply those tools in ingenious and innovative ways.


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