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We have the world’s best Children’s STEAM activities available anywhere in the world, and we have the Awards to prove it.

Whether you’re in China, the US, Europe, or anywhere else on the planet, we have awesome product lines not yet being sold in your area!

Whether you’re big and selling to retail, or small and selling on online platforms like eBay, Taobao, Amazon, etc… we’re interested in finding people who are as passionate about STEAM and working with children as we are.  We have low Minimum Order Quantities and really want  distributors who we can work closely with to share ideas and experiences. Every business needs to make money, but we also want to have fun while we do it and feel like we’re changing the world for the better.

Awesome Discover with Dr. Cool Earth Science Activities with REAL Specimens

Whether it’s digging up a 65 million year-old REAL Dinosaur Tooth, excavating semi-precious gems, building a working volcano, or polishing Amber that’s millions of years old to find any creatures that may have been trapped inside, these Earth Science STEAM activities are sure to inspire everyone who experiences them.

All kits include a full color “Adventure Guide” that guides children through their magical expedition while teaching them about their super-cool new finds, plus an “Activity Booklet” with 10 fun games and puzzles that uses the information they have just learned.

Using what kids think is ‘cool’ really inspires them to learn. Coupled with the included activity booklet to reinforce what they have learned and the specimens that become a trophy of their expedition, these kits become a great way to teach Earth Sciences. and… yes, all of the included specimens are 100% real!

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Build like Leonardo da Vinci with ARToy Moving Wooden Models

Leonardo da Vinci showed us that there isn’t much that’s more inspiring than the marriage of Art and Engineering and these moving wooden models called Automata inspires just about everyone who see them.

These kits are made from laser-cut wood with such exacting specifications that they are assembled without the use of any glue or tools.  Just snap them together and start cranking the handle to begin your journey in Leonardo’s footsteps.

These Automata are designed by the world renowned UK designer Keith Newstead and can be seen in such prestigious places as the British Museum, the Tower of London, and the National Gallery.

This product line includes both complicated kits like the Pegasus and Dragon on a Cloud for adults, as well as simpler kits for children like Phileas the Frog – Around the world in 80 days and Dino Park.

This product line includes an optional lighted music base that can be purchased separately to articulate the models while playing a classic French song. The music base creates a magical experience and can be loaded with personal MP3 files via a memory card.

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Create Works of Art Like You Never Dreamed Possible with Marabu Specialty Paints

Education is like you’re child’s diet and needs to be balanced. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) are the tools, but Art teaches the eloquent application of those tools and these unique art kits certainly inspire kids of all ages.

From paints that are peel-able after drying and can cling onto glass to create faux stained glass, to permanent paints for clothes and ceramics, these kits open kids’ minds to how cool and inspiring art can be.

Marabu is one of the oldest paint companies in the world with a 150 year history in Germany and as such safety is paramount. All products meet EU safety standard for children, even when painted clothing is chewed by small children, and are approved for selling in both Europe and the US.

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Delicious Masterpieces are a Snap with Yummy Dough

Every kid plays with Play-Dough, and every parent wonders what exactly it is made of – Well worry no more!

Yummy Dough is a vibrantly colored play-dough that is completely edible both raw and also if baked it and make a lasting statue.  Tested as a food product in Germany, these kits have the same classification as cake mix and are approved for sale as food in Europe and the US.

This line has variously themed kits that come with all kinds of forming tools in an easy-to-carry bucket. Dough refill packages are also available.

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Classes and Hands-on Activities

A fair amount of our business is hand-on, we:

  • Partner with schools to perform After-School STEAM Classes by sending our own teachers
  • Give written STEAM Class Documentation for schools to perform with their own teachers
  • Partner with local businesses and community centers to perform STEAM Activities that are free for children to attend.  Some examples of this are malls that want to attract families, local businesses that want to attract large numbers of attendees to their events, etc…

All of these events use the products from our product lines as consumables and we have found this as a great way to promote our products, company name and drive sales at our online shop.

As a distributor, you would have complete access to anything we have previously developed as needs arise in your area.  We’d honestly be thrilled to get some entrepreneurs launching these classes in other cities in China, they have really worked out wonderfully for us!


We Want to Help You Be Successful

As a distributor, we want to assist you in any way that we can.  We honestly don’t want a normal business relationship.  What we really want is people who are as passionate as we are about STEAM and will work closely with us sharing ideas and information on what worked and what didn’t.  While we’re flexible and open to whatever is needed, some of the things we’ve done for distributors in the past have been:

  • Grant access to all of the electronic files and artwork that we’ve created
  • Order collateral material like product displays, brochures, etc… at reduced costs for our suppliers in China and have them shipped with their product orders
  • We have done hundreds of activities and have amassed thousdands of photographs of children having a total blast while learning. Access to these photographs, as well as candid photos that our customers have uploaded on our social media platforms is all accessible to our distributors.
  • We have a large social media following and get inquiries from all over the world on a daily basis. We would direct all the inquiries from your location to you, and even promote you for free to our followers with targeted ads
  • Drop-ship directly to your retail customers’ locations, switching the paperwork so that it looks like it came from you
  • Our brand names are important to us and we want to maintain our premium product status. That being said, we strictly control minimum advertised pricing and geographic territories, so you won’t have to worry about someone competing with you in your area, or undercutting your pricing. When this has happened in the past, we have cut off supply to the offending seller.


If you read this far, you might as well admit it… you’re interested in becoming part of our family and distributing our products!  Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.