Build Automata like da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci showed us that there isn’t much that’s more inspiring than the marriage of Art and Engineering and these moving wooden models called Automata inspires just about everyone who see them.

All of our Automata are made from compressed New Zealand Pine, and water-jet cut to provide the best possible fit & finish without the need for any kind of glue or screws during assembly.  Easy to read detailed instructions and specific design features make assembly of these Automata a snap, while providing finished moving model that will intrigue everyone who sees it. Just snap them together and start spinning the handle to begin your journey in Leonardo’s footsteps.

These Automata are designed by the world renowned UK designer Keith Newstead and can be seen in such prestigious places as the British Museum, the Tower of London, and the National Gallery.

This product line includes both complicated kits like the Pegasus and Dragon on a Cloud for adults, as well as simpler kits for children like Phileas the Frog – Around the world in 80 days and Dino Park.

This product line includes an optional lighted music base that can be purchased separately to articulate the models while playing a classic French song. The music base creates a magical experience and can be loaded with personal MP3 files via a memory card.


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Pegasus – The divine winged stallion of Greek mythology, sired by Poseidon himself and foaled by Medusa!  This Automata was designed to inspire with flapping wings and galloping legs that’s sure to mesmerize both children and adults.


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Dragon on a Cloud

The mythical Chinese Dragon of folklore is known worldwide.   This Automata was designed to inspire with snapping jaws and a writhing body that people can’t help but be drawn to.


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Flying Dreamer

Who hasn’t dreamed of building a flying machine?  This Automata was designed to inspire with the whimsical flapping wings of a true home-grown invention that inspires everyone who sees it.


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Around the Word in 80 Days with Phileas Frog

Enjoy time with you child showing them the wonders of Art and Engineering, building a functional Automata to inspire their creativity, and learning.  This Phileas Frog series were designed especially for children to inspire both Engineering and Art.

The year is 1921… In jolly old England, trains are the preferred means of transportation, with ships of steel and steam ruling the seas.  Motorcars now outnumber horses and the aeroplane is a novelty reserved for the adventurous (or foolhardy).

In the hallowed halls of London’s most esteemed gentlemen’s club, a debate is raging on between decorated war hero Major Thomas Toad (Ret.), and Phileas Frog, esq.  Can a frog circle the globe in just 80 days?

“Impossible!” cries Toad.  “I shall prove it possible!” declares Frog.  The race is on….

Your child can follow Phileas on his journey around the world, and wonder at the amazement of Automata build with their own hands.

Available in 3 versions, Areoplane, Locomotive and Boat as well as with optional spinning city discs (London, Rome, Paris & New York) that can be added to the back to add even more animation to Phileas’ travels.  As with all of our Automata kits, the optional music base can be added to any of the Phileas Frog themed kits to automatically articulate the model while playing inspiring music for a truly magical experience!


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Classic City Back Plates – Around the Word in 80 Days with Phileas Frog

Help Phileas with his adventure by installing a rotating background to any of his vehicles!  Watch the landmarks of exotic cities wizz by as Phileas tries win his bet with Major Toad by circumnavigating the globe in just 80 days!

Back plates come with everything you need to bring your excitement to the next level with a disk painted with vintage scenes, mounting bracket, and gear.  The back plates are made from the same high-quality material as the Automata and easy to install without tools, glue, screws, etc….


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Dino Park

What child doesn’t like Dinosaurs, especially when they are this cute and in cartoon-ish situations like riding a see-saw?  The Dino Park line of Automata were design specifically to inspire children to inspire learn both Engineering and Art by using something that they already love – Dinosaurs in crazy situations!

Available in 4 versions:

Baby Tantrumatops – See a baby dinosaur who hatched without mom realizing it, be flung hither yon with every step its parent takes.  Detach baby to play with it separately and see mommy stalk the area alone.

Briantasaurus – See Brian ride one of this less developed brethren with this awesome kit. Brian is detachable to be played with separately, and watch a super-cool dinosaur walk around!

PteranaDonald – Donald is an adventurous dinosaur, but too little to fly yet.  Watch him get the bright idea to simulate flight by riding atop a volcano eruption! or, detach Donald and help him flay around your room!

The See-Sawrasaurs – What’s funnier than two baby dinosaurs riding a bone on an armadillo’s back?  When they get flung around with every crank of the handle!  Be careful though, they might get flung right off!

As with all of our Automata kits, the optional music base can be added to the entire Dino Park line to automatically articulate the model while playing inspiring music for a truly magical experience!


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Magical Lighted Music Base

This magical electric music base turns any of our automata models into an exquisite and creative gift that fits into any decor.

The music base brings the model to life by articulating the automata while playing inspiring music, all while providing a cool blue glow. The base comes pre-loaded with classic themed French music and also contains an SD card slot for customizing your experience with MP3 files of your own taste.

The electric music base is easy to install and fits all of the Automata kits that we offer.  A motor mounts to the Automata with three screws into pre-existing holes on the model and the Automata snaps onto the electric base with just one wire to plug into the motor.

The kit includes everything you need to create a truly magical experience, the base ready to play pre-loaded music, the motor to articulate the Automata, a USB power-cord, and all the hardware needed.


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