New Brands Wanted

We’re always looking for new brands to add to our portfolio, and our only requirements are that they be super-cool and educational!

Everyone knows that China is a huge and growing market, but how many non-Chinese companies have actually penetrated the market and successfully launched brands here?  Barring huge companies like Apple and Tesla, not very many – and even some of those big ones have had their share of issues.

But… we’ve done it, numerous times.

We’re a family owned company and a ‘joint venture family’ of an American husband (10 years in China) and a Chinese wife, with 2 beautiful and smart daughters (also referred to as our ‘Product Testers’).  We have both previously worked at multi-billion dollar multinational firms with offices in China, and feel that we’ve got the best of both cultures. We have professional experience working the “Western Way” most of our lives and have been successfully marrying that to the “Chinese Way” of doing business since the late 1990’s.  What we have actually done in the past, and can confidently say we can do for you as well, is:

  • Protect Your Product’s Intellectual Property
  • Register Brand Names & Websites in China
  • Register and/or Manage Legal Entities in China
  • Achieve CCC Safety Approval Ratings When Needed
  • Come up with Locally Themed Product Ideation
  • Localization of Product Content as Requested (Sourcing / Manufacturing)
  • Enter Into, and Effectively Manage, Joint Ventures with Manufacturers
  • Create Chinese Packaging / Translations In-House
  • Halt Grey Marketers’ Use of Brand Names
  • Enter Wholesale, Retail, e-Commerce and Specialty Shop Markets
  • Warehouse and Direct Ship Product
  • Conduct Live Product Demonstrations
  • Advertise in Print, Electronically, on Public Transportation and Television

We market to the Children of China’s middle-class which we define as urban 3-14 year-olds.  This currently numbers at 84.6 million and is increasing at a 3% CAGR since the end of the one-child policy.

China puts a much higher emphasis on education than the west does, with most children beginning private classes at 9 months of age and primary school-age children having an average of 4 hours of homework nightly.  The number of students far exceeds the number of available seats at top-tier schools, and every parent is competing for those seats by employing weekend classes to give their child an advantage, as these relatively limited number of children will need to each financially support 2 parents + 4 grandparents once they’re grown.

Quite frankly, if you’re in the Children’s Education market, you really can’t afford to not be in China.

You understand your products better than we do, and we understand China better than you do, together we are really a winning team.

If you have a STEAM product that you think would fit into our  portfolio, please don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss the possibilities.