About Us

Bringing the Best Global Brands of Super-Cool Educational Science Kits to Kids in Asia!

At Imported Fun.com, we’re a family owned business that is dedicated to finding children’s toys and activities that go beyond just fun. We look for products that expand their minds and promotes free-thinking, all while having fun. Our own children use the products that we sell, and we offer only products that they felt were awesome and that we felt taught them something that they wouldn’t ordinarily learn. We only offer products that we actually bought ourselves, and as parents, we actually also enjoyed using too! You’d be surprised how much you learn yourself using these activities with your child.

We treat this company as part of our family, the line between work and home really isn’t that clear for us. Please follow us on WeChat, Facebook or Twitter to see our kids playing with our products – we’re really excited to see your kids playing with our products too!

There’s no better teacher than discovering something yourself. Our award winning products are specifically designed to engage children’s minds and keep their interest through amazement and wonder, all while they’re learning the cooler side of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math). The hands-on discovery of the answers themselves helps them remember what they learned and develops the ability for them to solve unfamiliar problems on their own, which lasts them a lifetime.

Every scientist, paleontologist, geologist, etc… was initially inspired as a child. Who knows, maybe your little one will grow up to be an “Indiana Jones” or “Jurassic Park” scientist and we can feel that we were part of their childhood inspiration!

We scour the world to import the best, award-winning children’s educational activities into Asia at prices that are comparable to what you would find if traveling overseas. We’re a Chinese-American “joint-venture” family living in Shanghai and do a large amount of international travel. We’re always looking for the coolest products for our own children, no matter where in the world they come from, and decided to start this business to share our best finds with other families here in China. That’s the official story anyway! What really happened was that our Chinese and American friends saw our WeChat moments of us playing with all the cool products with our kids and pressured us to bring some back for them! It got to the point that we were carrying back so many items for our friends that we needed to buy extra suitcases, so we thought it was just easier to import them in bulk. We set the pricing comparable to what they can be bought for overseas, so no one will feel pressure to go through the torture of hand-carrying back our products, like we had to do!

We’re strong believers in the best way for a child to learn is to keep them engaged and having fun. We practice this with our own children; who enjoys forcing their kid to study a boring subject? It’s really a great feeling when your child is chasing you to allow them to ‘play’ with an activity kit, when you know it’s educational for them and they’re learning real science in a hands-on, interesting way!

Forced study and memorization can help children pass specific tests, however having fun and discovering the answers on their own will prepare them to solve unfamiliar problems they encounter for an entire lifetime. It’s not learning a specific subject; it’s learning how to think and solve problems independently. We feel that combining this western way of learning with the eastern methods typical in China, that our children will become well balanced and better prepared for a highly competitive future.